Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Movies:: Spiderman 3 and Ghost Rider

The New Spiderman 3 Trailer looks amazing. Love the Venom look.


A movie I am not excited for is Ghost Rider.
Who ever thought Ghost Rider would make a good movie should be shot. Same goes for who ever cast Nicolas Cage as the lead character.

Definetly not excited for this movie



theDUKE said...

i'm not too hot on the nicholas cage thing, but don't dog on Ghost Rider; could be a cool story.

Alex Garcia In Seattle said...

I am actually a huge comic book fan. But I just feel that not everything translates all that well to the big screen. An attempt to make a movie out of everything can possibly ruin it for the rest. Like I am a tad big worried about wonder women. I loooooooooooove Joss Whedon. I am a huge buffy and firefly fan but worry that a big screen Wonder Women might be cheesy. Unless of course he goes for the whole humor kind of funny theme. But an actual serious movie about wonder women just doesnt seem like it would fit.

When I think about Ghost Rider, it reminds me of Spawn. I loved Spawn back in the day, and the movie had such huge potential but just didnt translate to well to the big screen. The hbo cartoons where way better then the movie.

So as a fan of comic books and ghost rider, I really hope they pull it off.