Monday, December 29, 2008

My Top Ten Movies of 2008

2008 was such a great year for movies. With the exception of the first movie the rest are in no particular order.

Best Movie Of The Year - Slumdog Millionare
The movie is directed by one of my all time favorite directors Danny Boyle. I saw this 3 times and each time I was left in awe.

Frozen River

The Dark Knight
Easily the biggest action movie of the year.

Gran Torino
It's Clint "Frackin" Eastwood, this movie is amazing

A movie about courage and hope. It reminds me of how far we have come and how far we have left to go.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Fall
I have a weakness for great cinematography and Lee Pace is hott.

Vicki Cristina Barcelona


Rachel Getting Married

Honorable Mentions
Speed Racer
Synecdoche, New York
Mister Foe
The Visitor
Let The Right One In
The Wackness

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seattle Nation's Most Literate City

Well actually Seattle tied with Minneapolis but according to the Seattle Weekly Minneapolis cooked their numbers. (link)

You can view the report here

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My Top Ten Albums of 2008

End of the year music lists are always hard for me, so much great music it is impossible to pick one over the other. Here are my top 10 albums from 2008, not listed in any particular order. These were picked solely based on which albums I enjoyed the most and got the most plays on my iPod/iTunes.

Vampire Weekend - Self Titled

Mates Of State - Re-Arrange Us

Glasvegas - Self Titled

Fleet Foxes - Self Titled

M83 - Saturdays = Youth

Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell

Stars - Sad Robots EP

Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills

Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line

Santogold - Self Titled

Other albums that I greatly enjoyed and almost made my top 10 list.
Foals - Antidotes
Does It Offend You - You Have No Idea What Your Getting Yourself Into
TV On The Radio - Dear Science
Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

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Monday, December 22, 2008

My First Day Out Christmas Shopping

With all the snow this year my holiday shopping was pushed back until today. Here is what I learned on my trip downtown

  • There really aren't that many sales going on right now. I keep hearing how bad the stores are doing but there but there don't seem to be any extra sales going on. Aside from what I have to buy now I'm pretty much waiting until Friday to see what after Christmas sales there will be
  • Though the snow was melting today many cars where still having trouble going up hill from downtown today.
  • The Nike store gave up all together and just closed at around 3:30pm today citing the weather.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

More Snow On The Way!

Looks like more snow is on the way, if this keeps up I might not even be able to make it home for Christmas

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My Advice For Getting Around Seattle In The Snow

picture from Jason
My advice is...don't, stay home. If you can't walk there forget it. Seriously...and chains and snow tires won't save you from everyone else on the road driving around on bald tires. Not to mention that a lot of roads have been shut down so finding alternate routes might not be worth the risk or the time. Do yourself a favor and stay home, shop local or go out and explore your neighborhood.

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Photo of buses dangling over the freeway on Capitol Hill

Buses were full of teens from jobcore. Thanks to my friend Kellan for taking the picture.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ladies Night At The Bottleneck Lounge

The BottleNeck Lounge is one of those places I have heard such great things about but have unfortunately been unable to check out yet. Reading my favorite gay blog I came across a post about ladies night this Tuesday at the BottleNeck.

Tuesday December 16th
7pm until Midnight

Check them out online at

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How To Prepare Your Home & Yourself From The Cold

picture from jacdupree
Rain City Guide had some tips for your home:
"If you can, turn the main water supply to the house off and drain the system from the lowest point and flush the toilets. Leave the cabinet doors open on any sink that is on an exterior wall. Remove any attached hose pipes from exterior bibs, etc. Also, to put insulation around an exterior faucet you can improvise using a towel wrapped around and secured with a plastic bag and either tape or a heavy duty rubber band." (link)
Some advice from the City of Seattle:

Keep grills and emergency generators outdoors
Seattle City Light reminds people that barbecue grills and emergency generators should never be operated indoors. Doing so could cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. If you lose power, dress in layers to stay warm and seal up drafty windows and doors to slow the loss of heat in your home.

City Light ready to respond to outages
City Light has sufficient crews on standby and supplies stocked to respond to outages. Some utility trucks will be fitted with tire chains for the weekend so they will be better able to navigate snowy streets if necessary. Additionally, City Light has enough generating capacity to meet the rise in electricity demand as temperatures drop.

In the event of a large-scale outage, residents should be ready to fend for themselves for at least three days.

One of the best steps is to assemble an emergency kit with at least three days of food and water for each person in the family and any family pets. Other items to include are a hand-crank or battery-operated flashlight and radio, fresh batteries, a survival blanket, a first aid kit, pocket tissues and hand sanitizer wipes. For a complete list of what to include, please visit

Seattle Public Utilities will have extra drainage and drinking water crews on standby this weekend, to respond to customer calls. Please call 684-3000 to report problems related to power, drinking water, wastewater or drainage.

Protect your pipes from freezing temperatures
Before the cold hits, insulate pipes in your home's crawl spaces and attic. These exposed pipes are most susceptible to freezing. Remember, the more insulation you use, the better protected your pipes will be.

Seal leaks that allow cold air inside, near where pipes are located. Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents and pipes. Use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out and the heat in. With severe cold, a tiny opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze.

Disconnect garden hoses and, if practical, use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets. This reduces the chance of freezing in the short span of pipe just inside the house.

When the mercury drops, a trickle of hot and cold water might be all it takes to keep your pipes from freezing. Let warm water drip overnight, preferably from a faucet on an outside wall. Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movies To Watch This Weekend

My Name Is Bruce
It's Bruce Campbell for frakin sakes, he is a God amongst geeks, a geeks geek. I can't wait to see this movie

The Day The Earth Stood Still
I am just hoping this isn't some huge disappointment


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Surviving Layoffs: How-To Guide

Brian Westbrook posted 3 simple things you can do to finding that next job (even if you're not subject to a layoff). (Read More)

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Choke Shirt, newest t-shirt company in Seattle

Choke Shirt is run by Matt and Jeff out of Fremont. Currently you can order their shirts off their site or meet the guys in person and buy the shirts at the Fremont Market Sundays 10am to 4pm.

now open

Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit. They both work full time jobs and do the shirts on the side. So if you get the chance check them out.

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Washington: Smarter & Richer

According to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Washington State's population is smarter and wealthier than the national average.

"The report found that Washington has a higher percentage of college graduates (19.4 percent) than the national average (17.1 percent), while fewer residents have only high school diplomas (25.6 percent vs. 30 percent).

In Washington, 5.2 percent of commuters use mass transit, compared to 4.8 percent nationally."(King5)

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Shop Local: Veridis Clothier Boutique

Veridis is a small clothing boutique that opened on November 28th with one mission in mind and that is to "to facilitate the aesthetic expression of our diverse clientelle" (from the website)

Check out some of the lines they carry (link)

Here is what Seattle Daily Candy had to say

"You’ll find gorgeous leather clutches by San Franciscan Helena de Natalio and Velvet Angels stilettos. Select a silky Madison Marcus frock to take out on New Year’s night. Or toughen up in an absitively buttery soft Doma bomber. Leather pants and wool knits from Canadian line Obakki make a cozy but cool winter wardrobe.

Guys can get dapper, too, in Hause of Howe, Trovata, and shoes by Pantofola d’Oro.

Making it easy for everyone to look put together." (Daily Candy)

Veridis is located at 1205 E. PIKE STREET | SEATTLE 98122

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Movie to Watch: "Let The Right One In"

If you like Vampires but not not really into Twilight I recommend you check out "Let The Right One In" now playing at the Varsity Theatre.


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas - Bumbershoot

Here is a gift idea for music lovers. 3 Day Passes are available for Bumberfan Club Members for the 2009 Bumbershoot Festival for only $60. You can become a bumberfan for free at

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Free Haircuts & Color For A Year & $150 in Hair Products

Emerson Salon Donates to Strangercrombie

Emerson donated our services and some product to this year's StrangerCrombie. Strangercrombie is a holiday auction put on every year by The Stranger, "This year's good cause is Treehouse. Treehouse serves some of the most vulnerable people in Seattle—abused and neglected children. Founded in 1988 by a group of social workers frustrated by the lack of resources for kids in their care, Treehouse helps over 4,000 kids a year with clothing, school supplies, tutoring (only one-third of kids in foster care graduate from high school, and only 3 percent graduate from college), and other critical services."(TheStranger)

Emerson Salon donated a years worth of haircuts and color and $150 in Kevin Murphy or Alterna hair products. You can bid on this package here

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vote for OneSeason in the Mashable Open Web Awards

My client and friends over at OneSeason made the final round in the Mashable Open Web Awards. Please take a moment and vote for them in the sports category. You can vote once per day per email.

Vote Now

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Prop 8 The Musical

Have I mentioned how much I love Jack Black

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
(Via The Stranger)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Movie To Watch This Weekend In Seattle

This weekend at the Varsity Theatre
Repo The Genetic Opera

Coming Soon
The Wrestler Trailer. This movie looks amazing

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NW Film Forum Free Holiday Party

The NW Film Forum annual Holiday Party is this Thursday at 7PM. The party is free and includes:
* DJs warming your chestnuts with festive, danceable tunes
* Vintage holiday TV shows
* Back alley dreidel games
* Your favorite film critic as Santa!

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Condo Auctions - Bad sign for Seattle Real Estate

Housing market is not looking to good for Seattle. For the least few months it looked like Seattle might actually be the exception but no such luck. Auctions are popping up all over Seattle, condos once listed at half a million now going for auction at a starting bid of $185,000. Which is bad news for developers but great news for those hording a half a million dollars cash. But seriously who has a half a million just laying around.

Here are two auctions happening this weekend.

Press Condos located on Pine and Belmont

Parc Belltown
Contact The Parc Sales Team at 206.256.0181 or for more information.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

2 Movies To See After Thanksgiving Turkey

After you have your Thanksgiving Turkey or Tofurkey go and see MILK or Slumdog Millionaire.

Slumdog Millionaire is in my opinion the best movie of the year and has completely reaffirmed to me that Danny Boyle is a genius.


Sean Penn did a phenomenal job in his portrayel of Harvey Milk that I absolutely forgot that I was watching Sean Penn.

Both movies have a 90%+ fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and will not disappoint.


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Friday, November 21, 2008

Trying To Understand The Financial/Economic Crisis

Two Town Halls will be dedicated to the Economic Crisis. If you would like to learn more check out these two dates.

Nov 42th - Financial Crisis: Perspectives from the UW
Monday, November 24, 2008, 7:30 – 9pm
Great Hall, enter on 8th Avenue

Most of us are still having trouble understanding what has gone wrong with the world’s economic system, even as we face difficult and personal decisions about how to navigate the crisis, and evaluate the proposed solutions. The University of Washington has organized an interdisciplinary panel of experts to discuss the fast changing economic landscape, including Professors Lew Mandell, David Domke, and Jonathan Karpoff. From the perspectives of finance and politics, the panelists discuss how and why it occurred, how it might be influenced by the presidential elections, and steps we should take to protect our own pocketbooks and get the economy back on track. KUOW’s Steve Scher moderates. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life and the University of Washington.

Dec 10 - Forum: The Economic Crisis
Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 7 – 8:30pm
Downstairs at Town Hall, enter on Seneca Street

The Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank, and the Working Group on Extreme Inequality present an interactive forum examining the root causes of the current economic crisis, its impact on communities, and opportunities for action in the coming months. Panelists are Rep. Jay Inslee (invited); Peter Dorman, Professor of Economics, The Evergreen State College; Kristen Sheeran, Economics for Equity and the Environment; and Tony Lee, Solid Ground. Moderated by Alan Preston, Working Group on Extreme Inequality.

$5 suggested donation at the door. Call 206/621-8209 or email for more information.

Visit Townhall Seattle for more information


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Congrats to TeachStreet on the Bay Area Launch

Congrats go out to my good friends over at who just recently had a successful launch in the Bay Area. Check out TeachStreet and find the perfect cooking class, or find a class to learn to play that instrument you have always wanted to learn how to play.


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Friday, November 14, 2008

Latest Watchmen Trailer


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25 Percent Off Emerson Salon (limited time)

Emerson Salon has a new stylist. Marissa is new to Emerson but has worked at many salons including Gary Manuel in Bellevue. She is working on increasing her clientele on Capitol Hill so from now until the end of the year Emerson is offering 25 percent off all salon services when you book online at

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Movies to Watch in November

Out now Synecdoche, New York from Charlie Kaufman

Coming soon
From Danny Boyle (28 days later and Sunshine) Slumdog Millionaire (11/21/08)

JCVD (11/21/08) a comedic satire of the life of movie hero Jean-Claude Van Damme

Milk (from Gus Van Sant ) the story of Harvey Milk the first openly gay politician elected to office (11/26/08)


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March For Equal Rights This Saturday

Saturday, November 15, 2008
10:30am - 2:00pm
Volunteer Park then march to Westlake Center
1247 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA

Keith Olbermann on Prop 8


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Monday, November 10, 2008

New Movie "Extinguishing Fireflies" by Alex Berry

My friend Alex is working on a new movie, here's the blurb:

"Extinguishing Fireflies" is a new psychosexual thriller from director Alex Berry. Told through interlacing segments of collaborative artwork and multidisciplinary mediums, the film is presented as a collection of personal and emotional tension. "Extinguishing Fireflies" depicts the painful consequences that stem from shaming sexuality and smothering our deepest and most primal nature.

Check them out online

Trailer coming soon

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party with Kitty Hugs Baking Company

Here are some pictures from my Halloween Party. Had some Steampunkers and Browncoats show up. Good times

I also found the most amazing boutique bakery called Kittyhugs Baking Company based out of Shoreline Wa. They can bake pretty much anything for any event. They made me some pumpkin sugar cookies and a very delicious carrot cake for the party. I also had the pleasure of tasting their amazing cupcakes when I dropped by to pick up my order. If you own a coffee shop or having a wedding contact them and they can hook you up.

Check them out at


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Marc Anthony's SIGNZ at Retail Therapy

My friend Marc Anthony will be showcasing his art project SIGNZ at Retail Therapy this Tuesday

Tuesday night; from 6 -8 p.m. October14th

Enjoy some Wine and Treats

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Longwave is Back!

Longwave is back! with "Secrets Are Sinister"

One of my all time favorite bands is back with a new album. New album drops November 11th
Here is a new track from the new album
The Devil And The Liar - Longwave

Here is a free download off the new Longwave album "Secrets Are Sinister"
MP3 - Longwave "Satelites"

A Fey-Palin comedy summit? Stay tuned.

It seems like the inevitable comedic summit of this fall's presidential campaign: the real Sarah Palin coming on "Saturday Night Live" to meet her look-alike impersonator, Tina Fey.

read more | digg story

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Music Video MixTape

Video Mix Oct 6th
Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
Jack's Mannequin - The Resolution
Jack White ft. Alicia Keys - Another Way To Die
Glasvegas - Geraldine
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Snow Patrol - Take Back The City

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Reminder: 2008 AIDS Walk this Saturday

Volunteer Park at 9am / post party with DJ Mayhem for all participating Walkers.
Don't forget to sponsor me if you have not done so already


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64 Free MP3's from Seattle Local Bands

This Saturday is the Seattle Weekly's ReverbFest in which 64 Seattle bands will play in Ballard. Seattle Weekly is offering one free mp3 from each of these 64 local bands. You can download them at ReverbFest

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chip Tunes at Chop Suey

Click On Image For Larger Version

I see these guys all over Capitol Hill playing their Gameboys


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Seattle’s farmers markets ranked #1 in the nation

SEATTLE - Seattle ranked #1 out of 25 cities across the United States for Farmers’ Markets in Travel and Leisure Magazine’s annual ‘America’s Favorite Cities’ survey.

“Farmers’ markets are a big part of our neighborhoods - they provide a source for fresh produce, support local farmers and small businesses, and create a gathering place for the community,” said Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. “It’s great that the markets are recognized for their critical role in Seattle’s vitality.”

Farmers’ Markets serve as important generators of economic activity in Seattle’s neighborhood business districts. More than 530,000 people attended eleven neighborhood farmers markets in 2007, which resulted in more than $7.5 million in sales, and more than 70,000 pounds of food donated to local food banks.

Visit the mayor’s web site at Get the mayor’s inside view on efforts to promote transportation, public safety, economic opportunity and healthy communities by signing up for The Nickels Newsletter at

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Babeland's 15th Anniversary

I was walking to Honey Hole when I saw this in the windows of Babeland.

Apparently the 15th anniversary party of Babeland is tonight
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Benefit for Martha Manning co-owner of Wildrose Oct 1st

Martha Manning, co-owner of the Wildrose, was seriously hurt in a horrible freak accident last week. While finishing filing up her car with gas at the 76 station at Broadway and Roy, another car came zooming into the station and hit a gas pump. The gas pump burst into flames and the flames and the hot metal were coming right at her. She somehow saw a bit of daylight out of the corner of her eye and dove towards it, saving her life, and somehow her dog, but leaving her with second and third degree burns on her lower legs and some of her feet.

She is still in the burn unit at Harborview and yesterday she had skin grafts which was great. Anyone who has had burns of this nature knows how incredibly painful it is and of course walking or standing behind a bar is going to take some time. I believe that she has some insurance but will be losing, and has laready lost, a lot of work income.

If you would like to help there is a fundraiser for Martha:

Wednesday October 1st at Chop Suey
Across from Piecora's Pizza at 14th and Madison
Doors Open at 8pm
There will be an auction, bands and djs. So please come out and support Martha!!!

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Movies To Watch: Mister Foe

Opens Friday at Metro Cinemas

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Movies To Watch: TOWELHEAD

Opens Friday at Harvard Exit

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Act 2

Not the best ad for vista but it's a great video. They really need their own reality tv show.


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Advice To My Fellow Democrats

So far, I have pretty much tried to avoid talking about any politics with my friends here in Washington State. It has been a weird political season and a lot of my friends have been so pro-Obama to the extreme, that there has been no room to talk about anything, especially not the possibility that Obama could lose. My friends can't even fathom the idea, it is almost as if the Obama generation feels entitled, like they are saying "move over, your old, it's our turn now."

Well here are the latest shocking polls from Washington State
McCain vs Obama
Rasmussen 09/10 - 09/10 49 47 Obama +2
SurveyUSA 09/05 - 09/07 49 45 Obama +4
I just can't believe that in one of the most liberal states, Obama is only up +2 to +4.

Now a lot of my friends that are Obama supporters would be quick to point out these polls are flawed. They don't fully account for the youth, newly registered voters, and users of cell phones or some other excuse. While there is some merit to this argument, it doesn't change the sharp downward trend in Obama's polling. The time for excuses is over.

I admit that I was not originally an Obama supporter. During the primary, I really wanted Hillary to win, but what is done is done. Now that we are in the general election however, I have come to the conclusion that I don't want McCain and Palin to win. I honestly feel that our country would be far worse off then it is now if they were to win. We are at a critical junction and with four more years of the same policies, we may not ever be able to rescue our ever-growing lower class. So I am genuinely worried about the election season and I worry that my hard-core Obama supporting friends are actually hurting our chances of winning.

Since McCain picked Palin, Obama supporters have had diarrhea of the mouth. Some of the stuff that my friends and other Obama supporters say has been shocking. I have a hard time believing that what I am hearing is actually coming from fellow Democrats, the party that supposedly supports equality and womens rights.

Here is an example of some Facebook updates from friends:

"(name of friend protected) thinks Sarah Palin should rock a pair of exquisite lucite heals like the Republican whore she is! "

"(name of friend protected) wants the ravage that crazy conservative slut Sarah "Naughty Secretary" Palin! "

Earlier this year I came to terms that the Democratic party is no longer the party that I grew up with, but this behavior is extremely disappointing.

So my advice is this:

Obamacrats - take a moment and breath. Stop freaking out!

Take a page from Obama and rise above this name calling and bashing. It is only going to turn people away. Women will become defensive and either will not come out to vote for Obama or may even cross over. Be more sensitive towards women, especially the women who supported Hillary. Many Obama supporters seem to feel that women have to vote for Obama no matter what, because the alternative is far worse. As a result there seems to be this lack of compassion for the women who voted for Hillary. This complete disregard only pisses women off. Given how things are trending, there is no good reason to risk disenfranchising an enormously important segment of the Democratic coalition.

So Obama supporters, it is time to return to what made Obama great in the beginning.

  • Talk about change
  • Talk about hope
  • Talk about why McCain isn't the maverick he says he is. Point out specifics
  • Talk about how conservative Palin is
  • Point out differences between Obama and McCain
  • Remind people how good things were during the last Democratic President and how good they could be again
  • Share articles with your friends that highlight Obama's strengths
This race is truly your's to lose so it is time to shape up and grow up. Be a voice for Obama, by going out and being a good example. Leading by example is one of the most powerful things anyone can do. When I see my friends bashing Palin it only reminds me of how they bashed Hillary and it makes me want to vote for anyone but Obama. I know that is a flawed thought, but you truly are a representative for the campaign so act like one.

On another note, I am extremely frustrated by what I see as a flawed strategy by the Obama campaign to not focus on the local elections and local Democrats up for election. Instead the campaign says...get Obama elected and everyone wins. This is probably true in the cases where Obama wins, but where that strategy is flawed is in the cases where Obama loses. If that were to happen under this strategy, Democrats would stand to lose so much ground in the various local elections nationwide. We could see a landslide back to Republican control at all levels of the government which would be a huge step backwards and undoubtedly lead this country further down the wrong track. Democrats need to hedge their bets and invest more heavily in contested contests at the congressional and state government level.

So my point is...please take time to campaign for Gov. Gregoire. She is actually down in the latest polls and it scares me. Gregoire has pushed our state forward and I don't want to see Rossi push us back. He is already talking about repealing the domestic partnership law that passed this year.

So get out and campaign and

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Step Closer To Liquid Karma and the Apocalypse

Intel sends electricity wirelessly

"Building off work unveiled last year by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, Intel Corp. demonstrated Thursday how to make a 60-watt light bulb glow from an energy source 3 feet away. The Intel team did it with relatively high efficiency, losing only a quarter of the energy the researchers started with.

Intel is in the early stages of trying to modify a laptop to accept wireless power.

Eventually, a homeowner could attach a large transmitter to a wall -- or even bury it inside the wall -- and plant many smaller receivers inside nearby tables and chairs and other pieces of furniture, creating the ultimate in recharging convenience." (SEATTLEPI)

Anyone watch the movie Southland Tales? This is only going to lead to the Apocalypse.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008