Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Random Pictures from my recent adventures

Here are some random pictures and videos from the last 2 weeks of adventures.

click for larger images
Friday Harbor from last Saturday

Matt, Leslie & Blake on the Ferry

Leslie excited about ice cream in Friday Harbor

Some where in the San Juans

Leaving Friday Harbor

Leslie Tubing for the first time

Paul Allen's Compound on Lake Washington

Teatro ZinZanni at Seattle Pacific Place

Leslie running thru a field in the San Juan Islands

Leslie Tubing for the first time at Lake Washington

On the beach at the San Juan Islands

Damn we're smart

from the Seattletimes

State SAT scores top U.S. average

"Washington public-school students scored an average of 524 on the SAT critical-reading test, compared with the national average of 500. In math, Washington's public-school score was 530, compared with 514 nationally; and on the new writing test, it was 508 compared with 492 among public-school students nationally.

When private schools are included, Washington's average scores were 527 in reading, 532 in math and 511 in writing. That compares with national averages of 503 for reading, 518 for math and 497 for writing."

I feel this is great news for the future of the Washington State Economy. As more companies (especially in the tech industry) open up offices or move to Washington in order to recruit and draw on our young smart graduates.

My Review of the Capitol Club Restaurant?

From the moment I walked in and heard the Postal Service playing I really wanted to like this place.

It was my friend Shawn's Bday and he made reservations for 15 to 20 people. We showed up and the restaurant claimed that Shawn never made the reservations. Then they said the reservations were for the night before and we had messed up. I am pretty sure my friend knows his bday. The restaurant was absolutely empty so you would think they would be happy to have a huge group of people show up, but they were not.

They acted all bothered that had to deal with a big crowd and they started telling us how difficult it would be and how there would be a minimum of $500 for a group of 15. Then when it was time to order they were out of most items on the menu.

I ended up having the panini which turned out to be really good. So from what I can tell the food is decent but I was really disappointed with the service.

What has your experience been at the capitol club?

Monday, August 28, 2006

The things that go on at Caffe Vita /Cap Hill/ Seattle

Today I sat at Caffe Vita from 11:45 till about 3:45
I wanted a change of environment so I brought my laptop and did my work at the cafe.

It is such a diverse busy cafe
I saw lots of couples, joggers, business people, college students, people walking their dogs, a few families, one or two tourists and a few dogs enter the cafe.

While I was working away and drinking my iced peppermint mocha I heard someone calling places looking for a job and setting up interviews, a couple discussing their relationship problems, a business start up trying to sell their idea to a potential new employee, students talking about their current project assignment, and a mother talking to her kids about the zoo they are about to visit.

While I was at the cafe I also did some thing very embarrassing. I accidentally walked in on a lady who was in the bathroom. I have never been so embarrassed. The poor lady looked absolutely terrified. She was supposed to take the key with her to the bathroom but she left the key hanging which resulted in the ackward situation.

America's Next Top Model Auditions on Wednesday

Wednesday August 30th
Tryouts will be on the fourth floor of the Nordstrom store at 500 Pine St. between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. They are open to females ages 18 to 27 of diverse backgrounds, shapes and sizes, with a minimum height requirement of 5'7".

Dodgeball Anyone?

Not sure if anyone has heard of this new service by Google called dodgeball.
The Seattle PI did a great article on the text messaging social networking service that featured my friend Brian Westbrook
You can read the article here

Here are some quotes from the article about the service
"Dodgeball, one of the early pioneers of the service, merges text messaging, mobile phones and social networking à la Friendster and MySpace into one, allowing the extroverted and tech-addicted to hook up in real time and track one another's social hopping throughout any given day or night.

When you're out, you send a text message to Dodgeball (or 36343), telling it where you are. Dodgeball then broadcasts your location, including the address, in a text message to everyone in your network, allowing your friends to find you. It also alerts you when other Dodgeball users -- friends of your friends -- are within 10 blocks of you, giving you the chance to introduce yourself."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Seattle just doesn't get that mad

On they are showing the angriest to least angriest cities in the US

Seattle ranked #43

I think it's safe to say that we are pretty laid back. Maybe it's the weather or the fact that we keep to our circle of comfort. Speaking for myself I can say I pretty much never get angry, maybe a bit bothered but I quickly get over it and move on.

Seattle / Rainier Beach Summer Art Exhibit Opens!

A special gallery exhibit will display creative writing, visual arts, music and dance, developed by young people at Rainier Beach Community Center's summer day camp. The exhibit will debut on Friday, Sept. 1, 5 to 7 p.m., at Rainier Beach Community Center, 8825 Rainier Ave. S.

The event will give summer day camp participants a unique opportunity to share their work with parents and the community. The event also serves as a special celebration for youth as they prepare to return to school.

Seattle / Puppet Show at Alki Bathhouse on Sept. 16

Join us for a special family event, a performance by the puppet troupe Snap Dragon, on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m., at the Alki Bathhouse, 2701 Alki Ave. SW.

The troupe will present the American myth "Paul Bunyan."

Admission is $6 for adults and children, or $9 for the whole family. Call 206-684 7430 for more information.

Press Release - Seattle City Light achieves “net zero” greenhouse-gas emissions

City Light is Climate Neutral for Second Straight Year
First Electric Utility in the U.S. to Reach Emission Standard

SEATTLE - As part of Mayor Greg Nickels’ efforts to make Seattle a leader in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, City Light has achieved “net zero” greenhouse-gas emissions for second year in a row.

“We are not just talking the talk, we are walking the walk,” Nickels said. “Along with 284 other cities across the country, we are taking real steps to combat climate disruption.”

On Feb. 16, 2005, the day the Kyoto Treaty became law in 141 countries, Nickels challenged his mayoral colleagues to commit each of their cities to achieving the treaty’s target of bringing carbon emissions to 7 percent below 1990 levels by 2012. To date, 284 mayors have joined him.

Seattle is already doing its part. For the second consecutive year, Seattle City Light has met the high standard of providing energy that is climate neutral. This means the utility has reduced emissions of greenhouse gas to the extent possible, and has purchased offsets for any remaining emissions.

“We knew we could take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas pollution,” said Jorge Carrasco, superintendent of Seattle City Light. “The Utility achieved this goal in several ways. First, it avoids producing greenhouse-gas emissions wherever possible through conservation programs and by using renewable resources such as hydro and wind-powered electric generation. We do emit some greenhouse gas as a result of power purchases and operations, such as vehicles used to maintain the electrical system. To offset these emissions, the Utility buys greenhouse-gas emission offset credits from organizations that have reduced their own emissions,” Carrasco added.

Customer support for conservation and renewable energy programs helps City Light keep its emission down. This year, City Light estimates that its greenhouse gas emissions will be about 100,000 metric tons. City Light purchased 300,000 metric tons of offsets, to cover 2006 and to apply to future years. These offsets result from the capture and destruction of a potent greenhouse gas. These offsets are monitored and verified by a third party.

City Light has purchased offsets from many types of projects. City Light funds the use of biodiesel (which has a much lower emission rate than petroleum diesel) in City vehicles, Seattle Public Utilities solid-waste trucks, and King County Metro buses; provides cruise ships with shore power so they can shut down their diesel engines while in port; and supports the use of cement substitute materials, which both reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and solid waste.

“The cost of purchasing offsets is about $2 a year per customer,” said Carrasco. “It’s a small amount to pay for the reduction of climate-altering emissions. This utility is 90 percent hydroelectric generation. If the climate does change, and we have less water available for City Light’s reservoirs, our customers will spend much more for electricity generated by more expensive means.”

Press Release - Sept. 1 Seattle pet owners must have pets licensed

Seattle – Effective Sept. 1 Seattle pet owners whose pets are not currently licensed can be fined $125 for each unlicensed pet. The current penalty is $54. The costs for pet licenses are:

For a dog: $40 for one year ($20 if spayed or neutered); or $62 for two years
($30 if spayed or neutered).

For a cat: $25 for one year ($15 if spayed or neutered); or $40 for two years
($22 if spayed or neutered).

“Clearly, now more than ever it makes economic sense to license your pets instead of risking citation. But the bigger issue is providing your pets with the protections a license offers,” says Don Jordan, Seattle Animal Shelter director. “It’s like a life insurance policy – if your pet is lost and doesn’t have a license tag or microchip, odds are you’ll never see your pet again. Only 17 percent of the nation’s 3.8 million stray dogs and 2 percent of the 2.3 million stray cats ever make it home. But, with the dual protection of a pet license and a permanent microchip, you have a much better chance of being reunited with your pet if it is ever lost or stolen.”

Pet owners have many options for purchasing or renewing their pets’ licenses:

Online at,

At the Seattle Animal Shelter, 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

At most city of Seattle Neighborhood Service Centers, or

At select Seattle veterinary clinics.

If a pet wearing its license shows up at the shelter, the owner is notified. If humane law enforcement officers find a licensed pet in the field, they will attempt to return it to its owner instead of taking it to the shelter. Experience shows that an injured animal wearing a license is more likely to receive veterinary care if the owner is not around.

Without exception and as part of the agency’s “zero tolerance policy” regarding unlicensed pets, humane law enforcement officers will continue patrolling city parks and neighborhoods and will issue citations to pet owners for each pet without a current license. Officers will also follow up with known delinquent pet owners who have expired licenses. In addition, officers will conduct emphasis patrols in specific off-leash areas to ensure compliance with pet licensing laws.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave. W., approximately one mile south of the Ballard Bridge. Pet licensing hours at the shelter are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week. Call (206) 386-PETS (7387) or visit to learn more about pet licensing, purchasing a pet license online, or finding other locations to purchase licenses .

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Keeping the beer away from the homeless & drunks

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is considering banning the sale of 34 beers and wines on Capitol Hill, Chinatown/International District, the Central Area and University District. I just don't feel like this is the right solution to any problem. This isn't going to stop the homelessness or public drunkeness.

Beers and Wines to be banned

Beer and Malt Products
Bull Ice 8%
Busch Ice 5.9%
Colt 45 Ice 6.1%
Colt 45 Malt Liquor 6.4 %
Hamm's Ice Brewed Ale 6.1%
Hamm's Ice Brewed Beer 6.1%
Hurricane Ice Malt Liquor 7.5%
Keystone Ice 5.9%
King Cobra Malt Liquor 5.9%
Lucky Ice Ale Premium 6.1%
Lucky Ice Beer 4.7%
Magnum Malt Liquor 5.9%
Mickey's Iced Brewed Ale 5.8%
Mickey's Malt Liquor 5.6%
Miller High Life Ice 5.9%
Milwaukee's Best Ice 5.9%
Milwaukee's Best Premium Ice Beer 5.9%
Natural Ice 5.6%
Old Milwaukee Ice 5.9%
Olde English "800" 7.5%
Olympia Ice 4.8%
Pabst Ice 4.8%
Rainier Ale 7.3%
Red Bull Malt Liquor 5.5%
Schmidt Ice 5.8%
Special 800 Reserve 6.0%
St. Ide's Liquor and Special Brews 7.3%
Steel Reserve (Five different types – 8.1% for four types, 5.5% for one type)

Wine Products
Cisco 18.0%
Gino's Premium Blend 14.0%
MD 20/20 13.5%
Night Train Express 17.0%
Richard's Wild Irish Rose 13.9%
Thunderbird 18.0%

from the seattle times

Guide To Legal Parking Zones in Seattle

The Seattle PI is running a great article about legal parking zones and how sometimes business's will put out no parking signs and have cars towed even when it's totally legal to park there.

Check out the article here

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Capitol Hill vs Northgate

I was looking around the MLS for some properties for a client of mine when I realized that 2 bedroom condos around 800 sqft run between $271,000 to $366,000 on Capitol Hill. --vs-- The average 2 bedroom condo in Northgate around 835 sqft runs about $230,000.

Northgate is such a better deal but so disconnected from the city, if only we had better city transportation

Rising Rents across the nation

Here is an awesome blog post on "Why Renting is a bad idea" - Read Here

NY Times had an article on Aug 19th about the rising rents all around the US. Specifically mentioning Seattle
Read Here

Don't swim in Lake Washington

2,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into Meydenbauer Bay(Lake Washington) leading to heavy bacteria.

Capitol Hill Cafe Stellina

Cafe Stellina Open House - Thurs 8/22

1429 12TH AVE

expresso - breakfast - lunch

The Seattle Transformation Continues

"Two buildings at the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and Virginia Street in downtown Seattle are being demolished to make way for the 30-story Escala condominium project."

It's a $325 million project that will include 280 condo units.
Does anyone know when the demolition will happen?

It's a Sad day in the Sci Fi World

I just found out last night that Stargate SG1 has been cancelled. Supposedly the cancellation came the same night they aired the 200th episode which makes it the longest running american sci fi show.

First all the Star Trek shows end or are cancelled and then my favorite all time show Firefly is cancelled and now Stargate. That doesn't leave very many sci fi shows on tv. Atleast I still have Battlestar Galactica.

If you would like to help save the show you can send a letter to the following locations

Bonnie Hammer, President
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

Mark Stern, Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

David Howe, Executive VP and General Manager
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY, 10112

Friday, August 18, 2006

Congrats to the University of Washington

"The University of Washington ranked 22nd in Newsweek magazine's list of Top 100 Global Universities
The magazine rated schools based on several factors, including the number of "highly cited" researchers, the number articles published in certain academic journals, the percentage of international faculty members and students, the ratio of faculty to students and the size of the library collection." SeattlePI

In the general listing of America's best national universities The University of Washington is No. 42 and Washington State University is No. 112 in U.S. News and World Report's annual listing. Business Journal

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Parks to Host Meeting on Green Lake Improvements

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites the community to the first of three public meetings to discuss planned improvements at Green Lake Park. The meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 6 - 7:30 p.m. at the Green Lake Library, 7364 E Green Lake Drive N.

At the upcoming meeting, Parks will ask the community provide ideas for a Pro Parks Levy funded project to make improvements to the Green Lake Plaza & Shade Garden. Voters approved the project in the 2000 Pro Parks Levy. The Levy language stipulates that Parks "create passive recreational areas, gathering areas, shade garden and seating around Green Lake Community Center."

The Pro Parks Levy provides $361,000 for the design, construction and project management of the improvements. Approved by Seattle voters in 2000, the $198.2 million Pro Parks Levy funds more than 100 projects over eight years. Projects include improvements to sports fields, playgrounds, trails and community centers and parks. Funding also increases green spaces, supports Zoo programs and enhances park maintenance. This project will help build a stronger community and healthy families, one of Mayor Greg Nickel's highest priorities for Seattle.

For more information, please contact Parks Project Planner David Goldberg at 206-684-8414 or, or visit the project web site at

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Northwest artists invited to apply for portable artworks purchase

Artworks sought for People+Place: Works Inspired by People, Their Environment or How the Two Interact

Seattle, WA - The Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs seeks submissions from professional Northwest artists working in all expressions of two-dimensional media for "People+Place: Works Inspired by People, Their Environment or How the Two Interact," a purchase program for the Seattle Public Utilities Portable Works Collection.

Purchases for the portable works collection are made directly from slides and digital images of available work created in the last three years. Purchases are made possible by Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Funds. Artists living in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia may apply.

Applications must be delivered to the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs by 5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 29 or postmarked by midnight that day. The application is available at (select Funding Applications). Those unable to download the application may call (206) 233-3930 or send an e-mail to

Purchases are chosen by a jury of arts professionals charged with selecting artwork of high quality that reflects diversity of expression. City utility employees advise the selection process. The city of Seattle's Portable Works Collection includes approximately 2,800 works and is exhibited throughout city offices, engaging employees by helping to create an interesting and diverse work environment. Artworks in the collection are also made available for exhibit loans to museums.

The Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs promotes the value of arts and culture in and of communities throughout Seattle. The 15-member Seattle Arts Commission, citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and City Council, supports the city agency.

Movies I am excited to see

Marie Antoinette

Children of men trailer

Running With Scissors Trailer

U.S. Vs. John Lennon Trailer

The Covenant Trailer

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tacoma Bank Robbers have a myspace profile

Bank of America branch at 5813 S. Tacoma Way was robbed by 5 men on Aug. 7. 4 have been caught and are being held. The most fascinating thing to me when ever I read these articles about criminals, is that most of them have myspace profiles. This particular case was a bit shocking to me because they were so young and a few of them were elite U.S. Army Rangers.

I was only able to find two profiles of the robbers

Chad Palmer 20/ was arrested Thursday in Chesapeake, Va

He graduated from a christian high school and planned to attend college after the army. His goal that he wanted to achieve this year according to one of those surveys was to "Get out of the army" Considering that he still had over 2 years left in the service makes me think he hated the army and looks like he accomplished his goal of getting out of the army. But I wonder if prison will be any better of an alternative.

Tigra Robertson 20/ turned himself in

Tigra was in the Canadian military reserve and a volunteer firefighter. Tigra says he is an atheist but rocks out to Michael W. Smith (the christian contemporary singer).

These guys both seem young, semi smart guys and I am baffled as to why they would want to throw that away by robbing a bank. Really! who robs a bank anymore? How often does someone actually get a way with a bank robbery. This isn't the old cowboy west. You will get caught and if you dont, your forced to live some crazy secluded life always on the run.

Not the smartest guys.

Greg Nickels plans to increase Seattle's population by 60%

"Nickels favors the most aggressive of four growth scenarios envisioned by planners, one that would add 350,000 people to Seattle's population, which now stands at about 575,000.....Nickels says the growth can be accomplished by allowing more apartment and condo towers in some parts of Seattle, while still protecting single-family neighborhoods."(from the seatttletimes)

That's some crazy growth. I dont know if this can actually be pulled off. With the Viaduct closing down for a few years to either be replaced, taken down or to build a tunnel, I don't even want to think about the traffic that 350,000 would bring to Seattle. Unlike other major cities, we just dont have the transportation infrastruction to move these people around the city. Now had we voted on the Monorail then the increase of population with the addition of the monorail would have been great. It will be interesting to see how the traffic situation is handled.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce has an awesome article about the Future of Seattle's

"Walkable city
With new pedestrian connections and multi-modal transit opportunities such as the streetcar and light rail, Seattle will become a truly walkable city. Pedestrians are the lifeblood of a city, feeding the hospitality and entertainment venues in a symbiotic relationship that breeds vitality.
Seattle will become the 24-7 live, work, play urban village that has been envisioned by the mayor and City Council when they adopted our new zoning code. We will see a proliferation of new retail, hospitality and entertainment that will serve thousands of new downtown residents.
Emerging neighborhoods
Just like our neighbors up north in Vancouver and down south in San Diego, we will witness distinctive emerging neighborhoods as downtown evolves into vibrant, pedestrian-friendly zones of energy and activity.
The Denny Triangle will foster new neighborhoods of green street-focused projects, Second Avenue will emerge as a world-class retail zone, and the retail core will sprout a number of boutique hotel/condo hybrid projects.
The greening of Seattle
Seattle will become increasingly green, not just relative to sustainable issues, but quite literally -- with new sensitivity to the importance of landscape and hardscape at the ground plane. Pocket parks, plazas and pedestrian-focused green streets will proliferate. More attention will be paid to softening buildings with greenery and innovative hardscape treatment where the buildings meet the street.
Taller towers, smaller plates
The new zoning code allows for taller towers provided that the plates are no greater than an average of 10,700 square feet. In combination with new tower spacing requirements, this will result in more light and air at the street, and the preservation of open space around these new towers. More attention is being paid to the pedestrian amenities at the base of a structure -- where the building meets the public realm -- and to the tops of our towers -- which are distinctive, iconic and sculpted -- in an effort to continue to improve our skyline."

Read More from the article here

Seattle Parks & Recs holding workshop for ideas for Denny Park

Tell Us What You'd Like To See!
Parks and Recreation, Friends of Denny Park to hold three meetings on Denny Park project

Seattle Parks and Recreation and Friends of Denny Park will hold three public workshops to get ideas for the creation of a children's play area and multigenerational gathering area in Denny Park, Seattle's oldest park, 100 Dexter Ave. N.

The workshops will take place:

  • Thursday, August 24, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Seattle Unity Church, 200 8th Ave. N.
  • Thursday, September 21, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Spruce Street School, 914 Virginia St.
  • Thursday, November 16, 6 to 8 p.m. at Denny Park Lutheran Church, 766 John St.

The project is funded by a $15,000 Small and Simple award from the Neighborhood Matching Fund and $100,000 from the Cumulative Reserve Fund. Parks has hired The Berger Partnership to develop schematic drawings.

For more information, please call Kate Mortensen at 283-3868.

Inexpensive Condos on First Hill & Capitol Hill

Unit: 1138 1136 13th Ave Seattle 98122
List Price $225,000
Listing# 26130984
Beds 1/ Baths 1
Community - First Hill
Appx. SQFT 806
Homeowner Dues 300
Oak hardwood floors line the living, dining & bedrooms and the high ceilings and wide millwork exude 1920's character. The kitchen has been completely remodeled with new cabinets, countertops & appliances, even laundry.


Unit: 207 1614 Summit Ave Seattle 98122
List Price $225,000
Listing# 26133965
Beds 1 / Baths 1
Community Capitol Hill
Appx. SQFT 594
Homeowner Dues 181
Secure parking, secure building, elevator, rooftop deck w/fantastic views! Two closets in BR. Walk to Broadway or downtown.


Unit: A204 300 10th Ave Seattle 98122
List Price $239,950
Listing# 26105296
Beds 1 / Baths 1
Community First Hill
Appx. SQFT 553
Homeowner Dues 190
Two blocks from Seattle University and within walking to Swedish Med Center. Offers a relaxing BBQ patio, business and exercise rooms, and a secured entry and parking garage! Granite countertops and tiled flooring. Washer/dryer in unit plus complex laundry rm!


Unit: 302 2111 E John St Seattle 98112
List Price $265,000
Listing# 26133366
Beds 2 / Baths 1
Community Capitol Hill
Appx. SQFT 767
Homeowner Dues 240


Unit: 003 403 Terry Ave Seattle 98104
List Price $269,500
Listing# 26090910
Beds 2 / Baths 2.00 / Fireplaces 1
Community First Hill
Appx. SQFT 841
Homeowner Dues 240


Unit: E207 506 E Howell St Seattle 98122
List Price $218,950
Listing# 26110565
Beds 1 / Baths 1
old Price
Year Built 1992
Community Capitol Hill
Appx. SQFT 521
Homeowner Dues 208


Alex Garcia
Keller Williams Realty

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My walking adventure in Seattle today

My walk around the city today.
Matt and I walked from Capitol Hill to the International District.
I ran into a public gardens and this little park
(click images for larger image)

Then had lunch at Uwajimaya

Walking around I was surprised to see so much construction and cranes in South Seattle.

Then I discovered Waterfall Garden Park (NW corner of Second Ave South and South Main St.) It's a beautiful 22 foot tall man made waterfall

After a quick detour to Pike's Place Market, we got in the car went to Molbak's. It's the Walmart of plants & flowers. We bought these.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Who Killed The Electric Car?

I saw this movie last night in Queen Anne. I loved it, but it also made me sad to know that im paying $3.30 for gas when we have the technology which is not new but has been around for the last 6 years for electric cars.

The movie is playing at the AMC Uptown in Queen Anne

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Drinking Liberally would like to invite you this Thursday

Drinking Liberally would like to invite you this Thursday Aug 10th to join them with guest Deb Eddy (D), who is running for State Representative in the 48th LD. She's a former mayor of Kirkland.

Valhalla Bar & Grill
8544 122nd Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA

Time: 7pm this Thursday (August 10 -- tomorrow)

Eastside Drinking Liberally meets every Thursday at Valhalla at 7pm.

What is Drinking Liberally
"An informal, inclusive progressive social group. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don't need to be a policy expert and this isn't a book club - just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it's not taboo to talk politics.

Bars are democratic spaces - you talk to strangers, you share booths, you feel the bond of common ground. Bring democratic discourse to your local democratic space - build democracy one drink at a time."

South Lake Union Seattle Block Party

South Lake Union Seattle Block Party
August 11
August 12

Lots of music and Cinema on the Lawn
more info

Taste Of Edmonds this weekend

August 11, 12, and 13, 2006
38 entertainment acts
32 food vendors

More Info

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Show is looking for contestants in Seattle
Auditions will be at the Everett Mall Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
It's for the movie themed "Netflix Million Dollar Movie Week."

Capitol Hill Condo for sale in Seattle

511 E Roy Seattle 98102 Capitol Hill

My friend recently listed his condo
Beds 1 / Baths 1 / Fireplaces 1
Appx. SQFT 708
Top Floor unit with an amazing view of Queen Anne from the Living Room and Kitchen
A roof top deck with views of the City, Space Needle, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains! A club house is also located on the top floor where you can enjoy the views even on rainy days. Across the street from Top Pot. Plenty of guest parking,

Don't Drive Downtown tomorrow

from king5
"The Mariners have a 1:35 p.m. game at Safeco Field. It will likely end by 5 p.m. That’s about the time early fans will arrive at Qwest Field for an 8 p.m. soccer match between Real Madrid and D.C. United. And across town at KeyArena, country music fans will be flocking to a Tim McGraw / Faith Hill concert at 7:30.

Metro Transit says there will be no extra service or premium P&R shuttle service for any of the events so fans and commuters are encouraged to use applicable Park & Rides and ride regularly scheduled transit service to/from the games or downtown area."

Seattle / Capitol Hill - What an interesting building

I see all these new changes coming to Capitol Hill.
I noticed this building about a month ago. I still can't decide if I like it or not. Any thoughts on this building?

click for larger image

500 jobs coming to Lynnwood


Comcast to build a 87,000 sqft customer service center in Lynnwood. Adding 500 jobs. Building to open in July 2007

I am not a fan of Comcast but I am glad that they will be bringing jobs to the area.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mayor's "Bridging the Gap" initiative heads to November ballot

Mayor's "Bridging the Gap" initiative heads to November ballot
Funding package tackles backlog, shares costs between homes and businesses

SEATTLE - Mayor Greg Nickels praised the City Council today for its final approval of a funding package that eliminates the city’s arterial street maintenance backlog, improves bicycle and pedestrian safety, and repairs vulnerable bridges across the Seattle.

“It’s a great day for Seattle’s roads and bridges,” said Nickels. “Look out potholes, your days are numbered. This package allows us to finally deal with the growing backlog of repairs afflicting our city’s streets and bridges. I’d like to thank the City Council for supporting my ‘Bridging the Gap’ initiative and recognizing the need to get our streets working again.”

The package approved today keeps whole the mayor’s commitment to eliminate the arterial street maintenance backlog. The Council supported the mayor’s proposed commercial parking fee and business transportation tax, which ensures those who use the streets most also contribute to fixing them. If the levy lid lift wins voter approval in November, the city will be able to accomplish all the major goals Nickels proposed when he announced the "Bridging the Gap" plan in May.

8 Reasons to Go Green with your Home

8 Reasons to Go Green with your Washington Home
From the

The Herald has an awesome article about how going Green with your home can be cost efficient and lead to healthier living.

Here are eight reasons to consider installing green features on your home:
1. Reduce fuel consumption Reducing energy use means burning less of nonrenewable resources such as coal, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved by installing energy-efficient appliances or simply changing a light bulb. Exchanging one compact fluorescent bulb for one incandescent bulb saves about 500 pounds of coal during the life of the bulb, according to Aaron Adelstein, director of the Built Green program.

2. Improve stream quality To prevent storm water runoff, builders can use gravel or pervious pavement to construct driveways. These materials allow rain-water to soak naturally into the ground instead of running off into streams, where it can create erosion and sedimentation problems. “There’s real elegance in pervious pavement’s logic and simplicity,” said Andrew Marks, executive director of the Puget Sound Concrete Specification Council.

3. Dump less waste Green builders take extra efforts to recycle materials and send less waste to landfills. “On average annually, the residential construction market puts 136 million tons of waste into landfills each year,” Adelstein said. “The less wood you’re wasting, the less wood you have to cut.”

4. Improve indoor air quality Avoiding products that release toxins creates healthier air inside your home. Using low- or no-variable organic content paint is an easy, cost-effective way to lower indoor air pollution, said Aileen Gagney, asthma and environmental health program manager for the American Lung Association of Washington. Building floors of sustainably harvested wood instead of installing carpet can also reduce indoor pollutants, Gagney said. “Carpets are some of the most toxic materials in the home, and where do we put babies? On the carpet,” she said.

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Vancouver Pride

Vancouver Pride

Pride was alot of fun. Though I still think Seattle's was alot better. Especailly now that its at the Seattle Center.

Brian promoting Gay Days Disneyland at Vancouver Pride

Here is David being interviewed by some Canadian TV Station

Celebrities night club is amazing. I love the building but I had alot more fun at Odyssey