Sunday, August 13, 2006

My walking adventure in Seattle today

My walk around the city today.
Matt and I walked from Capitol Hill to the International District.
I ran into a public gardens and this little park
(click images for larger image)

Then had lunch at Uwajimaya

Walking around I was surprised to see so much construction and cranes in South Seattle.

Then I discovered Waterfall Garden Park (NW corner of Second Ave South and South Main St.) It's a beautiful 22 foot tall man made waterfall

After a quick detour to Pike's Place Market, we got in the car went to Molbak's. It's the Walmart of plants & flowers. We bought these.

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Katya said...

Hey I was looking on google to find the name of a specific plant and I see you have a photo of it. The plant on the far left, what's it called? Do you know?