Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reactions to the Washington Supreme Court's decision to uphold gay-marriage ban

Reactions to the Washington Supreme Court's decision to uphold gay-marriage ban

The Seattle Times asked readers to submit thier responses to the Washington Supreme Court's decision to uphold gay-marriage ban. Some of the responses where a bit shocking. Here they are with my responses.

from the seattletimes

"As a college student who's not married but does want to be married and have a family sometime, I'm grateful the court isn't redefining marriage."
— Cassie Crawford, 20

My Response: I really don't see how allowing a gay couple to get married would affect her ability to get married. According to her myspace she lives in Bellevue, would like to meet Abigail (King David's wife), Queen Ester, and the Apostle John, and has no gay friends on her friends list. I bet her life is pretty gay free, and never interacts with the gay community. So I dont understand how by allowing some same sex couple to get married is going to affect her future husband, marriage, and kids. Someone please enlighten me.

"The essential reality of marriage as a creative union for the protection and education of children is a long-held understanding not only by the [Catholic] Church but by virtually all civilized societies throughout history. In addition, the court has shown wisdom and insight in recognizing the separation of powers that grants authority to the Legislature for enacting legislation designed to promote the well-being of children and all persons."
— Alexander Brunett

Now this is just stupid. I love what Dan Savage posted today "Yates (Mother who killer her kids) was legally married to her opposite-sex partner, the father of her children, so her kids were reared by their biological parents and enjoyed the protections that legal marriage provides—until one of their biological parents decided to drown ‘em all in a bathtub."

Here are other recent stories of crazy Mothers & Fathers killing their kids
Mother accused of killing her teen
Stratford Mother Charged With Neglect
Mother beheads girl

Father pleads guilty to killing sons
Child could be forced to see abusive father
Father charged in baby's death

"Twenty years from now, we will look back on today's decision and see that it was wrong morally, wrong ethically, wrong for our community."
— Robert Jacobs

"This isn't just a sad day for gay people but for all people in Washington state."
— the Rev. Monica Corsaro

"We are disappointed but not discouraged — this is a civil-rights movement, and time is on our side."
— Jennifer Pizer

It's only a matter of time

"We are pleased that this latest attempt by the homosexual agenda to radically redefine our culture has been stopped dead in its tracks. ... Today's decision upholding traditional marriage is a devastating setback to same-sex- marriage proponents. Today is a great day for marriage and the family."
— Mathew D. Staver

Looks like our(The Gays) plan to destroy families, marriages has been foiled again.

"My real emotion is bewilderment. Knowing my relationship with my partner — which is my miracle — can cause so much prejudice, I can't figure it out."
— Jo Palm, 70

I hear you. I had no idea that my relationship with Matt would ruin so many lives

"This is the right thing for our children, families and our communities. It is good public policy for the state to encourage marriage between a man and a woman."
— Sen. Val Stevens

"This ruling denies that we're capable of love and that we're capable of commitment."
— Brenda Bauer

"The Washington State Supreme Court had a chance to tear down another wall of inequity and prejudice that has long stained our society. Unfortunately, five of the justices chose not to grant gay and lesbian people access to a basic right that the rest of us enjoy — the ability to marry and share our lives in the eyes of the state with someone we love."
— Greg Nickels

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Russell said...

I guess what I can't understand is all of these people who read the religious context into marriage. Sure, I'm a recovering Catholic (I consider myself a Deist now), and I know that religion is has a big place in marriage from a social stand point (for those who are religious only).

But, I feel, in the government's eyes, Marriage should strictly be seen as a contract of commitment between two people, with certain financial and social benefits. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too discouraged Washingtonians.

Here's what you can do. Send thousands of LGBT people up to our US/CAN border on the same day and jam it up by trying to cross all at once into Canada to get married in a public park right beside the border (we'll provide the gay priests). Organize that and we'll try to get a thousand or more from up here to meet you on the otherside, or maybe we will try to cross into USA to come pick you up and tie up the border on our side. This mass protest will make national news and tie up the border for a day. If we do this on Labour Day it will have a dramatic effect.

Jammie said...

This is just so sad and wrong. I am not gay, but I am married and I happen to know that a peice of paper holds no value other than from a legal standpoint, so what's the big deal? how will allowing gay marriage destroy families or our country? these people against it say "the gays" like they're a disease or something!!! they are people too, and should be allowed to be in love, married whatever that person chooses to do. What I would like to know is....what is the problem? I wish these people who vote against it would give me one GOOD reason they did so. I know they can't! ugh. sorry for the rant but I just feel so bad for the massive amounts of people who are affected by this. One day this wrong will be set right....until then...