Friday, September 01, 2006

Interview with Seattle's DJ Kyler

Interview with Seattle's DJ Kyler

Are you a Seattle Native and if not what brought you to Seattle?
I was born in Seattle and have lived in this area for my entire life. I graduated from Edmonds-Woodway High School and Seattle University.

Do you plan on staying in Seattle?
Definitely. I love this city and have a great group of friends here.

How did you get started in the DJ'ing business?
My two favorite things in the world are music and technology. When I realized that being a DJ is a melding of both of my favorite things, I invested in a couple of turntables, a mixer and a few records. After a few years of playing to myself in my bedroom and the occasional house party, I had an opportunity to play in the newly opened Neighbours Underground.The rest is history.

Is this something you want to do full time professionally for the rest of your life or something you do as a hobby?
Unfortunately, there's not much $$ out there for local DJs. If I could make a good living with it – I would definitely. In the mean time I'm happy doing it part-time.

Where can we find DJ Kyler Mon thru Friday 8am to 5pm?
During the week, I'm a transportation design engineer for an engineering firm called David Evans and Associates. I design roads, drainage systems, sidewalks, do all the necessary engineering calculations, and help draw up the plans…stuff like that. Long story short…I'm a geek. J

Where can we find DJ Kyler Friday and Saturday nights?
I'm a resident DJ at Neighbours Underground on Friday nights and am there from 10pm-2am every week. On Saturdays I'm a resident DJ at Club Sugar and play there every third Saturday from 10pm-4am. Confused yet?
On my free Saturdays I'm often out supporting my fellow DJs at both Neighbours and Sugar or staying home to get some rest!

What's the best gig you have ever done and why?
For the 2006 Seattle Pride I played a show called "One" with DJ Brian Gorr (a local DJ that I really look up to) at Neumos. The show was amazing – a huge, energetic crowd, great music and just a great atmosphere.

Best local club in your opinion?
Of course the ones that I work at! I don't really like to rate clubs, because they different depending on what night of the week it is, etc.
My favorite club night in Seattle is Rebar on Sundays. This place has ass-shaking house music all night long. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Especially when there is a holiday on Monday; this place is packed and the crowd is great. I'll be there this Sunday.

Single? Looking?
Single. Looking. Yup.

What do you do for fun when you're not spinning?
Mostly I'm listening to new music, buying new records, trying to stay on top of everything. Being a DJ is a full-time job…there's not enough hours in the day to listen to everything that I want to. When I take a break from that stuff, I'm usually out with friends or just lounging around the apartment.

What's an embarrassing moment from your life?
Wow…so many thoughts. Umm…this one time at a Christmas party, I had a couple of strong cosmos and boy did my mouth start flying. I'm usually a very quiet person, so it was quite the funny sight. Oh yeah, and I know all of this because it was caught on video. LoL. Maybe you had to be there.

Capitol Hill or Belltown?
Capitol Hill. That's where I live and plan on staying.

The Stranger or the Seattle Weekly?
Definitely The Stranger. I couldn't live without I, Anonymous or Savage Love.

Boys or Girls?

Sweet or Sour?
Either, but never together.

Democrat or Republican?
Card-carrying Democrat.

5 most played songs on your ipod?
I'm terribly against iPods and iTunes. Apple has a monopoly with its iTunes service in that it won't allow songs downloaded from iTunes to be played on other media devices not manufactured by Apple. IMHO, this is far worse than the so-called monopoly that Microsoft had. Not only is this stifling innovation of new portable media players (notice how iPods are ubiquitous?), but it making a great amount of music unavailable to some people. Bad Apple!

Whew…sorry about that tirade. The 5 currently most played songs on my iRiver (I'm guessing).

1. Madonna vs. Ferry Corsten – Ray of Light vs. Rock your Body Rock
2. Afromedusa -Pasilda
3. Paris Hilton – Turn it up
4. Gnarles Barkley – Crazy
5. Ben Watt – Stronger Man

DJ Kyler beat out 8 other DJs in the C89.5 "I want to be your next DJ" contest, and has made it to the finals. Vote for him this weekend Saturday to Monday. Here are the details off the C89.5 Website.

Labor day weekend Saturday at Noon, Sunday at 2pm, and again Monday at Noon, DJ Kyler and DJ Pulse each tear it up with a one hour mix! Voting closes Monday at 3pm sharp so be sure to listen up! You choose the next member of Team Drive @ 5 on C-89.5! Vote at

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