Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Missing my hispanic culture

I miss my Hispanic culture

I know this is kind of random and usually my blog posts are all about Seattle. But I think from time to time I will actually blog about my thoughts and feelings.

Lately I have really missed my Hispanic culture.
I miss speaking Spanish. It used to come so easily to me. I used to even dream in Spanish. Now I feel so shy about speaking Spanish.

I miss the Mexican dances I used to go to with my Dad. Weird and random but alot of fun. From middle school till about my sophmore year in highschool my Dad who was really involved with the Hispanic community in Olympia and would help this local promoter of Mexican dances. I used to tag along mostly because the older women (18 to 30) would hit on me and I guess I just liked the attention.

I miss the food. I miss the days when my grandma who has now passed away would make flower tortillas. Nothing like a freshly cooked tortilla with some butter and salt. And I miss Menudo and Mole.

This led me to go out and find a Mexican bakery
Driving around exploring South Seattle with Matt we ran across a little shopping center called Guadalupe Market (1111 SW 128th St, Burien, WA). To my surprise they carry all kinds of Mexican products and they have a really good bakery. I bought a bunch of cookies and pan dulce from the bakery

I also found and bought a bunch of my favorite Mexican candy - Pelon Pelo Rico

Finally...I been watching alot more Univision and MTV Tres. I feel that it has helped alot with my vocabulary to hear the language spoken more and I find the Spanish soap operas so entertaining. They put Desperate Housewives to shame.

Anyways here are two music videos I discovered on MTV Tres. One is like the Mexican fall out boy and the other is more of a pop electronic artist

Allison Fragil

Belanova - Por Ti

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