Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vancouver Commits To What Seattle Wouldn't

Vancouver BC essentially commits itself to the future and to clean energy, something that Seattle and King County residents have been unwilling to do when it comes to Mass Transit. Vancouver is already a friendlier city when it comes to carless transportation than Seattle is, and with their new transit announcement they move in hopes of competing with such cities as Boston, New York and London.

From The National on the 14 Billion Transit Announcement

"Warren Gill, a transportation-studies professor at Simon Fraser University who has focused on transportation policy for more than 30 years, called the program "infrastructure for the ages.""

""It means Vancouver will be a functional city long into the future. People who come to Vancouver will be able to get around in the city just as they would in some of the world's great cities - New York, London, Chicago," Prof. Gill said."

Vancouver already has "the longest automated transit system in the world" and this announcement will add an additional "30 kilometres of new SkyTrain," "1,500 new clean-technology buses," and "subway-style line running 12 kilometres across central Vancouver into the booming University of British Columbia."

I am extremely jealous..


Omar Cruz said...

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Anonymous said...

It was a great development but dont be TOO jealous. Realize that it sounds better than it is: they committed 14 billion, but of this the provincial govt that announced it only about 5 bln; the rest is uspposed to come from private sources and the feds, and ther eis no guarantee of that! Also of that 5 bln, 2 bln is for a previous committed line already ubder construction. So that leaves 3 bln dollars, spread over 12 years! So it is GOOD, but not as GREAT as it sounds: so be JEALOUS, but not TOO JEALOUS.