Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Caucus for Hillary this Saturday

Saturday Feb 9th is the Washington State Caucus. Since it is going to be a close race between Obama and Hillary our State Caucus will be playing a very important role in helping choose a nominee.

Whether you are for Obama or Hillary or even a Republican, do go out and Caucus this Saturday. For Democrats this caucus is very important, since we don't participate in the Primary on the 19th.

If you don't know where to Caucus, then please visit this link to find out

As for myself I'm a Hillary Supporter and here are some other Hillary Supporters
Washington Senator Patty Murray Endorses Clinton
Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell Endorses Clinton
Even Perez Hilton (gossip king) endorses Hillary (link)
Anne Rice Endorses Hillary (link)
Fmr. Washington Governor Gary Locke Endorses Clinton
Washington Rep. Jay Inslee Endorses Clinton

Hillary and the LGBT Community
Hillary to LGBT Community "I want to be your President (Hillary guest blogs on my friends LGBT blog)

My Hillary Community


Anonymous said...

I was worried that I'd be the only person caucusing for Clinton in all of Capitol Hill!

AlexGarciaInSeattle.com said...

So glad your caucusing for Hillary. Are you caucusing at the 1st Baptist Church?

Anonymous said...

you forgot that maya angelou endorsed hillary.