Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming Soon, More Ways To Recycle

Mayor Announces Changes to Help Home Owners Recycle More, Easier
Meat and dairy products will be allowed in the yard waste cart, glass will go in the same recycling container as paper and plastic, and more plastic materials will be eligible for recycling, thanks to new solid waste contracts that could take effect in Seattle next year, Mayor Greg Nickels announced today.

Some other changes include:
  • All single-family homes will be offered weekly curbside food and yard waste collection, which will include meat and dairy scraps for the first time. Food waste will be used as compost for local parks and gardens.
    Each year, food waste makes up more than 30 percent of our garbage — about 45,000 tons. This program is expected to cut that by more than half.
  • All other recyclable material can now go into a single recycling bin, including glass, paper and plastic.
  • Recycling more kinds of plastic. Beginning in April 2009, residential curbside customers will be able to recycle all plastic food containers such as plastic cups and deli containers, except foam.
  • Less noise and pollution from collection trucks. Sixty percent of the trucks will run on a bio-diesel blend and 40 percent will run on compressed natural gas, dramatically reducing key pollutants in neighborhoods.
  • New contracts facilitate the expansion of the city’s Dumpster Free Alley plan, which is designed to cut crime, reduce waste and generally clean up the alleys and business areas.
Seattle’s goal is to divert 60 percent of the city’s waste by 2012.
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Anonymous said...

Its so easy to recycle styrofoam . why dont they recycle it ?
they could have a drop off site and im sure you could get a volunteer to operate it so that leaves cost and all recycling material's they make money from it .they or we can resell it locally !