Friday, April 04, 2008

Who Would Drive Three Hours To Visit A Peet's Coffee

This guy is crazy for driving three hours to go to Peet's Coffee

Obviously this guy has never been to a Vivace, Victrola, Ladro or Vita.

Personally I don't like Peet's, I find it has an uninviting atmosphere, and my drink was just not that great.


Anonymous said...

I walked out of the new Peet's on Broadway when I learned that they don't even have an 8 oz. size. (it was a moment of weakness coupled with a huge line at Vivace that even brought me in).

Make fun of tall/grande/venti all you want, but at least Starbucks will serve you a short if you ask.

Alex Garcia said...

Damn Vivace and their long lines. Mine was a free gift card someone gave me so I figured what the hell, I drank half the drink and threw the rest away on my way was that bad

Scott said...

I did the same last summer, I live in Spokane Washington and drove from Spokane to Seattle just to try out Peets Coffee. 300+ Miles, it was worth it.

Blake said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Peet's is subpar to Vivace, Ladro, Vita, Zoka, and pretty much every other independent shop in Seattle.