Friday, May 30, 2008

Seattle Coffee Walking Tour

Seattle By Foot is offering a new Seattle Coffee Walking Tour that will take people from Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square. The tour with visit the following cafes:

-Seattle Coffee Works
-Dilettante Mocha Café
-Monorail Espresso
-Trabant Coffee & Chai

Sounds like fun but personally I don't see how you can really give a quality coffee tour of Seattle without atleast including Cafe Vita, Victrola and Vivace.

More information about the tour can be found at

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Anonymous said...

My list would be: Vivace, Stumptown, Zoka, Lighthouse, Cafe Allegro in the U-District,Seattle Coffee Works, Trabant, . Victrola and Vita have gone way down hill. Vita is the new Starbucks of Seattle.