Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Really Hate Burglars

I read about the burglar that is terrorizing the central district, breaking in and even leaving messages saying he will be back.
"I'm not from Seattle. I terrorize neighborhoods. Okay? I hate your neighborhood," said the ranting message left on one victim's voice mail. "All you ... whites. Lock your ... door."

The burglaries began a few months ago and all have been centered around 27th Avenue and East Pine Street. Since then, several homes have been hit, including two burglaries that happened Sunday in broad daylight.(komonews)

The thought of someone invading another house and stealing what does not belong to you is frightening and disgusting. My advice to those that live in that area:
  • Get a security system
  • Turn your webcam into a security camera
  • Get with your neighbors and take turns watching the neighborhood
  • Put up signs and let people know that the neighborhood is under surveillance
  • Hire someone to watch the neighborhood ( I know for a fact that those houses around 27th and pike run around half a million to a million. The neighborhood can afford to hire someone)
I really hope this guy gets caught


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