Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 Essentials For Every Social Media Rockstar

My 5 essentials that every social media rockstar should have.

1. Energy Drinks
Gotta stay engaged and focused throughout those long days, meetings and when you're up late working on a client project. For some people, it's coffee; but for me I find myself downing a few Monsters and Redbulls daily. It's the only way I can keep my ADHD in check and stay on top of my game.

2. Eye Rejuvenator
Can't look tired when you're meeting with clients! After those long nights partying or up late working on client projects, an eye rejuvenator will keep you looking fresh. A great eye rejuvenator helps keep away the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Cold Plasma is my personal favorite, but Kiehl's also makes great products. Both are available at Nordstrom. A good product will run you a good $50, but it's worth every penny to look like you just got 8 hours of sleep when you know you're running on 2.

3. Dry Shampoo
If you've been out late partying, gotten one hour of sleep and don't have time to jump in the shower and get ready for work, make sure you have a dry shampoo. Kevin Murphy's fresh hair is my absolute favorite. Spray it on your hair, towel-dry and you've got that freshly showered look! Dry shampoo removes odors and hair product from the night before. Ask your local salon about a dry shampoo - or if you're in Seattle stop by Emerson Salon, I always keep it in stock.

4. Personal Shopper
Can't truly be a rockstar with out some amazing clothes to keep you looking fresh. If you're anything like me, you don't really have time to shop! That's why I highly recommend getting a personal shopper that knows you and your style. My personal favorite is David from David Lawrence. After meeting me once, he had my style and sizes pinned down. These days I walk in and he has 4 or 5 options ready for me.

5. Access On The Go
Plenty of options for this one: the key is you need to have access 24 hours a day. For me, that's a combination of my MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad and Clear 4g mobile wireless device. It's a lot of stuff to carry with you but access is top priority if you want to keep your clients happy. Invest in some devices that will keep connected with what's going on with your clients.

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@HughL said...

need me that dry shampoo at my desk.

Rhonda Porter said...

I'd like to add Visene (or your favorite eye-drops) and a wrinkle cream for the crease between my brows (sorry--I won't do botox)... something like Perricone's Ceramic Skin Smoother for when I've been staring at the computer too long!