Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why I Love Banyan Branch

I love Banyan Branch because we are all geeky in our own way. Whether its about music, pop culture, science fiction, video games or education, the one thing we all have in common is that we are extremely passionate.

Some of the recent events that have made me proud:
  • We threw two amazing parties in Las Vegas at WOMMA (thanks to the very talented Jess Estrada)
  • Ross and our interactive team grilled a bunch of smartphones for our client EZGrill which got us featured on every possible tech blog and featued on cnn with 1.2 million view and counting.

  • Stephanie Fortson and our education team rocked out the last Get Schooled tour date in Denver and helped put Get Schooled on the map by getting it trending online in Denver, putting a spotlight on what Get Schooled is doing in Education.

  • Even when not at work, Team Banyan Branch is always looking for ways of being creative. Check out what Forest & Tara and the rest of the crew did for fun one weekend. Star Trek meets Chatroulette

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1 comment:

Chris M said...

LOL (I speak Ferengi) -- that trek roulette video was awesome. :) I can see why you love Banyan!