Tuesday, December 07, 2010

3 Seattle Rockstars To Follow

Follow these three because in a year they will run this city, so get to know them now.

Franz Falkowski
I've never met anyone who was such a natural rockstar like Franz Falkowski. He is wise beyond his age and one of the most amazing hairstylists I have ever met. He is creative, an artist, sings, plays guitar, drums and is an amazing networker. Expect to see him in 5 years either rocking out on the mic as lead singer to a rock band or as an international hairstylist God!

Shanon Thorson
photo by usnaps.com
One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. A natural at networking, when you meet him you instantly feel like you were destined to be friends. Shanon is an event producer, musician, property manager and handles the social media for his buildings on Capitol Hill. An LGBT advocate, Shanon will also be launching his queer rights website early next year. Look out for winterGREEN coming up in January at the Chloe and expect to see Shanon in 5 years running the Capitol Hill scene with the best parties or running his own bar.
Follow Shanon at http://twitter.com/ShanThor

Shanon's upcoming event:
winterGREEN: Saturday, January 8th from 12-4 at The Chloe Apartments. It's an annual Seattle green and local artist event that promotes both sustainable living and our community. They will be turning vacant units into pop-up stores, art galleries and installation rooms with a rooftop party.

DJ Skiddle
My absolute favorite Seattle DJ. Been following DJ Skiddle for a good year now and recently did my Birthday party which I still get complements on. I love his style and over all taste in music. You can catch him at the Drive @5 on C89.5

Download and check out one of his mixes
Follow DJ Skiddle at http://www.facebook.com/deejayskiddle

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