Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Week in Photos: The Social new club/bar and more instagram

First the big news:  I am teaming up with Laura, Chris and Shanon to launch the new bar The Social.
You can read all about it here or here

2nd big news is the Emerson Salon and Retail Therapy Cinco De Mayo Party.
Its going to be a ton of fun so please RSVP here

Rplace on a Wednesday night with Andrew and Andy
Eyes are finally fixed. When they say clean your contacts regularly they mean it! I found out the hard way.
Thursday was such a beautiful day.
Lunch: Sushi oh Ohana
Out at Purr on a Friday night with Andy, David and Lynsey
No night on the town is complete with out some Rancho Bravo Tacos before bed
Saturday ran errands including picking up some comics!  So amazing the latest issue from Young Avengers and Uncanny Xmen.
Ventured to West Seattle for dinner and sushi with Chris and Laura at Mashiko.  I never go to West Seattle but Mashiko is so worth it.  Amazing Sushi!
Had my first Sake Bomb ever
Ended the night at Neighbors and got to meet Shangela from Drag Race 

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