Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Arizona makes it unlawful to 'annoy' or 'offend' others online - So happy I don't live in a backwards state!

From the PI
Ariz. bill says unlawful to 'annoy' others online Free speech advocates and social media users say an anti-stalking proposal in Arizona goes too far by criminalizing "annoying" or "offensive" comments posted online. A bi-partisan bill seeking to update telephone harassment and stalking laws by adding the use of computers or smartphones to existing legislation has gone virtually unchallenged in the Legislature and could soon land on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk. But critics have fixated on a section that makes it illegal to "annoy or offend" someone online — meaning comments on Facebook or Twitter could result in criminal charges. Media Coalition, a New York-based First Amendment advocacy group, argues the bill is unconstitutionally broad and infringes on freedom of speech protections. The group has asked Brewer to veto the measure. "Speaking to annoy or offend is not a crime," Media Coalition Executive Director David Horowitz said.
Arizona makes me happy that I live in Washington State.
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