Sunday, December 10, 2006

Have we become desensitized to violence?

Last night I went and saw the new movie "Blood Diamond", which was amazing and most likely will go on my list of top 10 movies for the year.

While I was watching the movie I realized how desensitized I am to violence. Seeing a women get shot in the head or a man get his arm chopped off doesnt bother me one bit.

Lately I been bothered greatly by the amount of death in Seattle and in Society in general. It appears to me that there is an increase in casual deaths and violence. People seem to kill over anything these days. Here are some examples of what I mean.

Fight at house party leads to shooting
What could have been so bad at a house party that shooting someone was even an option.

Shooting in an apartment complex

Bar Fight that ends in Deputys Death
Bar fight over a friend stealing from friends.

Teen kills family in Spokane
This kid killed his family then picked up his girlfriend and went to school like nothing happened

Chicago Gunman who felt cheated over an invention
The gunman who fatally shot three people in a law firm's high-rise office before he was killed by police felt cheated over an invention

Can't forget the Capitol Hill Shootings or the Jewish Federation Shootings earlier this year.

People can't seem to solve their problems with out killing the other person. How did these people become so desensitized to violence and come to devalue life? Could this be the price we pay for having the realistic graphic violent video games, the graphic movies and violent music.

This was just a thought that I was contemplating last night.

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