Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AIDS Action & Awareness Day

I am currently at the Sundance Film Festival but wanted to quickly remind everyone that AIDS Action & Awareness day is less than a month a way. Please join the facebook event page here.

Here is the info on the event.

Every two years, advocates from across Washington State gather in Olympia to educate state lawmakers about the need for HIV/AIDS prevention and care services in our state. 2009 will be a critical year for HIV/AIDS advocates - Washington State Legislature will be faced with a $6 billion budget deficit- the largest in state history.

This is the first year that organizations like Lifelong AIDS Alliance could actually be lose massive amounts of funding which means they will have to turn people away who really need help, support, health insurance etc.

So if you are free on 2/18/09, join us in Olympia

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1 comment:

Around the Sound: Seattle said...

Thanks for bringing this important issue to light. I wasn't aware that Washington was dealing with such a budget problem in regard to this.